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How to brighten your mood as we head through autumn

Inspired by our neighbours autumnal wreath, we thought we’d head out and find one for ourselves. Normally, this time of year we’d be out collecting various ghoulish items, pumpkins, garish costumes and the like, but this year is not like other years.

Interior Colours – It all started with a stunning new rug, and then…

So I’m standing at the till in Sandyford having just spent a small fortune on schoolbooks and uniform, when my wife suggests that whilst we’re nearby, we should drop in to Kashan and have a quick look at the rugs. It all started there….

Supporting Mental Health

Although we don’t often acknowledge it, Mental Health affects us all, both positively and negatively. For at least one in four of us, negative experiences consume the mind and without the help and support from friends, family, mental health support workers or health professionals, it can soon lead to depression.

Giving up corporate for art

“I’ve been pinching myself every day since last Christmas,” says Steve Bradbury, who gave up a career in corporate restructuring last year to concentrate on his true passion – painting – and to finish renovating his family’s new home in Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin.