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EDITION                    Limited Fine Art Giclée Print

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MEDIUM                    Giclée archival ink

SURFACE                   Canvas

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DATE RELEASED        March 2020

  • Mellow – Gallery – Unframed

  • Mellow – Gallery – Framed

  • Mellow – Gallery – Glass-Frame

  • Mellow – Gallery – Mounted

  • Mellow – Gallery – Room

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Being 250 years old, Mellow's Bridge remains the oldest of all Dublin city bridges still in use. A stone bridge was built in 1683,  and named after Richard, the Earl of Arran and appears to have been a four-span stone arched bridge. It stood for 80 years, but was swept away by a flood in 1763. A replacement bridge was built between 1764 and 1768 as a three elliptical arch stone bridge with a total span of 42 m, and named Queens Bridge after Charlotte of Mecklenburg, the queen consort of King George III.  

It was renamed after the legendary Queen Maeve and then in 1942, changed to its current name after Lieutenant General Liam Mellows Irish Republican army who was executed during the Irish Civil War.

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