Original Mixed Media on Cotton Paper

EDITION                    Original

IMAGE SIZE               40cm x 30cm

MEDIUM                    Watercolour, Gouache and pro-markers

SURFACE                Cotton Paper (300gms)

FRAME                       White wood Glass frame with white card mount

FRAME SIZE               56cm x 44cm

DATE RELEASED        April 2020

  • Pandemonium – Gallery – Original unframed

  • Pandemonium Glass Frame

  • Pandemonium – Gallery – Room

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“PANDEMONIUM" is a collaboration I did with my son using watercolour, gouache and pro-markers.  

John Milton first coined the word PANDEMONIUM as the name of the capital city in Paradise Lost. It means place of demons. PANDEMONIUM seemed the perfect title for the bedlam chaos and madness flowing from the mind behind this not so very stable genius during the coronavirus pandemic.

CAVEAT: the thoughts of @realdonaldtrump are his own and do not reflect those of the artists.

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