“The Ha’penny”

Original Oil on Wood

EDITION                    Original

IMAGE SIZE               80cm x 60cm

MEDIUM                    Oil

SURFACE                   Wood

FRAME                       White wooden floating frame

FRAME SIZE               103cm x 83cm

DATE RELEASED        March 2020

  • The Ha’Penny – gallery – unframed

  • The Ha’Penny Floating Frame

  • The Ha’Penny – Gallery – Room

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The Ha'penny Bridge is an iconic landmark in Dublin, Ireland, and is sometimes called the Penny Ha'penny Bridge, and the Liffey Bridge. It was built in May 1816 to replace the poor conditioned ferries that were operated by William Walsh to cross the Liffey river. Walsh was told that he had to fix the ferries or build a bridge; he chose the latter and was granted permission to charge a ha’penny toll from anyone crossing the bridge for 100 years. The toll continued (albeit increased to a penny-ha-penny for a time) until 1919.

The bridge is probably one of the most photographed and painted in Ireland, however, I decided to put my perspective on this iconic structure.

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The making of "The Ha'Penny"