The Steels are finally in and they…..

So the steels are finally in and they fit!  The jubilation is slightly tempered by the fact that achieving this milestone means we now have to move on to  the next task which is replacing the rotting wood exterior.  Sometimes it feels like the work never ends but fortunately all these tasks seem less daunting when the sun is shining as it was for a lot of this week.  We’re also moving to the next phase of work in the garden; the kitchen garden, which currently is more build site than bucolic haven (see ‘before’ picture below) but I look forward to posting a very different ‘after’ picture very soon!

It’s not just the glimpse of sunny weather that makes renovation easier – I have realised like so many other people just how dependent I am on social interaction.  Just being able to have a laugh with friends is so therapeutic and something we all missed during the pandemic.  This week I am preparing for two events that wouldn’t have been possible during Covid: a solo exhibition at the Pop up shop, in Dun Laoghaire, and my new art course Bubbles and Brushstrokes.  

In terms of the Pop up shop, even though paintings can be viewed and bought online and online auctions have become increasingly more successful (subscribe to see my Free Top 10 tips guide to buying art)  it is great to be able to see paintings in real life.  It’s not just that it’s easier to gauge size but also better for appreciating simple things like the textural qualities of an original  oil painting versus a print.  

My solo exhibition will be in the Pop up Shop, Dun Laoghaire Shopping Mall, Upper Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire, from Monday 24th to April to 7th May 2023 inclusive, see map for location.  

I am also really excited about my new venture Bubbles and Brushstrokes which is the brain child of an innovative  friend (thank you Alicia).  I am opening Stonehurst up for art classes every Friday evening where up to 10 people can come, relax, learn to paint or refine their technique and enjoy a glass of bubbly and a platter of food.  

 It’s a great chance to get creative, discover your inner artist  and produce your own masterpiece; which you get to take home.  You can book as an individual or as a group and I cater for all levels – no artistic experience required! If you would like to take part, check out the Workshops Tab above or you can book in the Bubbles & Brushstrokes event booking page.

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